Werkhouse: What we do

We are a London based music production team comprised of Ian Flynn and Richie Kennedy whose aim is to produce and record both new and established artists. We work towards helping bands and artists to develop their sound and songs while at the same time guide them on the necessary preparations everyone should undergo before investing their time in recording.

When working with an act we place a heavy emphasis on preproduction, which we carry out free of charge, prior to the recording process. This is usually done in the acts rehearsal space or wherever the performers are most comfortable. This allows us time understand what the act want from the final product and that both the songs and performers are ready for the studio. Also by carrying this out it ensures that no time or money is wasted while in the studio and creates a productive and creative atmosphere for everyone involved.

The process of preproduction can differ depending on the artist/songs but here would be some of our practices:

Preliminary two track demo recording of setlist

Listening day (Review of setlist, referencing other artists work, discuss ideas of sound)

Song development day

Tempo mapping and building groove tracks

Guide tracking (if required)

For recording we are not directly affiliated with any one studio. This allows us to pick and choose studios/locations depending on the projects budget and what the desired sound is.

After recording we prefer the artist the to be heavily involved in the mix process. We very much stand over the idea that we're not prepared to let anything leave our hands until the artist is 100% proud of what has been achieved. Our process ensures everyone on a project is aware and involved with decisions made and the expected output.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!