Werkhouse is Ian Flynn, a London-based music producer and mix engineer.

His work has featured on BBC Radio1, Radio X, BBC Introducing and in blockbusters, most recently in Tomb Raider.


His work places a heavy emphasis on preproduction prior to track recording. The aim of preproduction is to ensure that both songs and performers are ready for studio recording, and that the producer understands the artist's aspirations for the final product.


Preproduction (free of charge) is usually informed by:

  • Demo recording of setlist
  • Listening day (Review of setlist, references, discussing sounds)
  • Song development day
  • Tempo mapping and building groove tracks
  • Guide tracking (if required)


Ian has ongoing collaborations across numerous London studios. Studios are picked according to the artist's budget and desired sound. 


Mixing is tailored to the artist's needs. Artists are free to attend all mixing sessions. Ian is determined for artists to be 100% proud of the final product, by ensuring that artists are aware and involved with the decisions made and the expected output.



Ian also has extensive experience in mastering across a vast array of genres including but not exclusive to tracks he has produced.